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bill: hey good morning, everybody. the news is breaking out of london now regarding the pope. five men have been arrested over a potential terror plot there. this may have been tied to his visit. police made their move early today, scotland yard is on the case. pope benedict, currently on a tour of great britain, the vatican saying they're confident in the work of scotland yard. so far, no change in the pope's schedule. greg burke is watching that tour as it continues to the u.k. we'll northbound contact with greg in a matter of moment this is hour. well, in this country, a new bombshell showing your tax dollars at work or rather not at work, apparently. the city of l.a. says with the stimulus money, ready
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for this, that money saved or created 55 jobs. that's $2 million per job. unemployment in that area, 12 percent. martha: that's pretty good, huh? >> bill: that's good for you? >> martha: it's not very good! bill: good work if you can get it, if you're one of the 55. martha: here's to them! good morning, bill, good to see you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this is a shocking report, folks, the city's 40 page report that they just put out raises several factors for the mind-boggling results, including a lot of red tape. bill: stuart varney with fbn joins us. first, the news, this came from the local government in l.a.d. it not? >> it came from the controller of los angeles, she reported that the transportation department spent 70 million created 45 new jobs, the public works department spent 40 million came up with just over nine
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jobs. a total of 55 jobs, 2 million per job. that just happened. bill: all right. is l.a. alone? >> well, l.a. is the largest city yet to go through an audit, but this coincides with the release this week of the white house's 100th best stimulus projects. they're looking back over the stimulus program that was launched 18 months ago, pulling out the 100 best performers. i've not seen the whole list but i've seen a couple of them. for example, they spent $30 million in new jersey, cleaning up an old electronics factory that created 68 new jobs. now, do the math, bill. that's a little bit better than los angeles. new jersey put out 68 jobs at $441,000 each job. now, the white house is tout thank as a success of the stimulus program. you be the judge. bill: well, when you -- i guess the american people will judge that over the next seven weeks. back to l.a. to drill down the numbers a little bit now, public works,
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$70 million in stimulus funds. >> yes. bill: they created seven private sector jobs. >> yes. bill: taxpayer cost per job, $1.5 million. >> yes. bill: also in l.a., department of transportation spent $40 million for nine other jobs, they were not saved, though, they were created, taxpayer cost her job, $4.4 million. >> yes. bill: and that's y. stuart, you get turnouts like we saw in delaware the other day. we'll mix the politician and money late on the program. fbn, thank you stuart. martha: how about this, meanwhile, new details this morning on how much it will cost you if the bush tax cuts are not extended. we've got a brand new report from one of the four accounting firms. a family of four making $50,000 a year would shell out nearly 3000 more dollars in taxes. families making twice that amount will pay an extra $4500 in taxes. it goes on up from there. that fight over taxes is enough to make some house
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democrats break ranks on this. >> we understand that the speaker has said she doesn'tny agree -- necessarily agree with our position on this but we're having a conversation and talking to folks who are coming to us now and saying you know, we agree with your position on this, so we're going to continue to build as much support behind our position. martha: this is getting sticky, folks. if congress does not act to extend those cuts soon you could see less money in your paycheck as early as january when all this kicks in. now, more than 30 democrats have now signed a letter to temporarily extend the bush tax cuts to everyone. one of them is going to join us in a few minutes. this has been a bit after divide on the democrats on capitol hill. bill: new developments after a horrendous storm ripped through the northeast and the national weather service send ago team to investigate a possible tornado, get this, in new york city. it rolled through the area during evening rush hour, 5:00 in the afternoon, a huge downpour, there was
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hail an winds, 80 miles an hour, and look at the storm from the angle, the sky, literally green as it moves over the city. this is right before sunset. the national weather service plans to map out the width and the intensity to see whether or not this was a tornado which would be exceedingly rare around here. martha: indeed that would. bill: whether or not it was, it had the most jaded new yorkers rattled. >> there was pandemonium going on, no one was following the traffic rules, stops, light, everyone was on the sidewalks. it was crazy. >> crazy. i never seen nothing like this in my life, never. i never saw this happen in new york. >> i was driving down the street and it was like -- it was just like a human giant car wash, everything just started spinning. >> people say you're lucky. >> i'm happy. >> this will be a day you'll remember. bill: the mayor was out, too, and the storm causing
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problems for commuters, bringing trains to a halt and the giant trees, around for 100 years, just ripped out from their roots. martha: i was trying to get in the tunnel yesterday and my daughter called me and said there is a tornado heading for staten island, and it wasn't just in new york. in your home state of ohio, they also got this in perry county, buildings blown on to their sides, trees sledded there, more than 100 -- shredded and residents say they could hear this one coming. >> it sounded like a big engine, big vehicles, coming the a the house. >> there was a red barn and a house in front of it next to the road and it's not there any longer. >> as i was standing there looking out, the wind blew the buckeye tree down, and also, the top came out of the sycamore tree, the sycamore tree must be 70 feet tall. >> the roof off of my neighbor's house, all of our trees, satellite dish is
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gone. swings, it's gone. it's gone. martha: wow. officials are expected to determine whether it was a tornado. guess it doesn't matter to folks who had that kind of damage at their house, that's what they have to deal with one way or the other. bill: guy mentioned a buckeye tree. if you've got a buckeye tree in your yard, you're one of the lucky ones. we have tape from ow veers, if you have some you want to share, send it to you report, some incredible images in the just no ohio but the state of new jersey and the folks in connecticut, it was a ringer of a storm. martha: really was. back to this story for a moment now, remember the broken bp well we watched in that picture that you see on the side of your screen for so many month? crews have successfully connect add relief well, we're told, to the broken one and that sets them up to plug that broken well.
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kris gutierrez is live. what are crews working on now? >> reporter: hi martha. we should point out late last night the teams working at the spill site intercepted the well with that relief well you mentioned. right now they're looking at pumping in the heavy drilling mud through the relief well into the original well. it should take time because they also need to monitor the pressure levels, and once those levels are at a point at which admiral thad allen, incident commander, is comfortable with, then he'll direct the teams working out there at the spill site to start pumping cement into the original well. it could take a matter of hours, it could take nearly a day. we're told this well should be finally sealed, signed, sealed, delivered, if you will, from the bottom by some time tomorrow according to bp but we should also point out the well has not officially leaked any new oil into the gulf of mexico for 64 days now. remember when bp and the coast guard performed that static kill operation in july, that officially sealed the well from the top, now coming in from the bottom,
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however, now that we're this close to actually sealing the well, there is some concern by people who live and work out here that the government will forget about the story. listen here: >> sure that's not going to be the case, so right now, it's a wait and see, make sure this is an issue, stay on top of it and make sure it gets cleaned up. >> reporter: that is tamra augustine, the manager of grand isle state bark in grand isle, louisiana, where still to this day they have oil on the beaches they need cleaned up. the government says they'll be able to do it. martha: let's hope so. bill: given everything we were told about this disaster, it seems like we came through it okay. i know folks down there are still struggling but that was good news that kris just reported. martha: it is good news and it's amazing that it's taken this long to get to that final plug stage but let's hope that it -- >> bill: just plug t. right?
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stop the darn thing! we didn't go to the moon -- we can go to the moon, take care of this thing! a new government report showing a spike in americans who have no health insurance. wanted supposed to be this way, everybody. but will be -- will the new health care law help or hurt matters? martha: and a democrat that says we should extend the bush tax cuts to everyone, this democrat. wait until we hear what she wants to do to salaries in congress. you'll hear that live. bill: she's in a tough race. fresh off a huge win in delaware, republican christine o'donnell, squaring off in a debate against democratic challenger chris coons. how did they both do under the big bright lights? >> worked in d.c. for 12 years, i've been in politics 20 years, i have enough experience to know how washington works but i have enough real life experience to know how it should work.
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>> raising tax on anyone, especially small businesses, is the wrong thing to do in a struggling economy. this week, i sent a letter to speaker pelosi, asking her to allow nothing short of an up or down vote on a bill to stop all of the current tax hikes. bill: it turns out the republican minority leader john boehner is not the only one sending letters about tax cuts. thirty-one democrats writing a letter this week to leader pelosi saying they want all the tax toss stay just where they are. one of the democrats who signed that letter is ann kirk patrick out of arizona and member of the small business committee, so you know financial matters. you're in a tough race back home in arizona. good morning to you. why is it important to keep these tax rates where they are? >> bill, i just came back from six weeks in my district, traveling around, talking to small businesses,
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real force, contractors, community bankers, and listening to them, it was clear that this is not the time to raise taxes. they're just barely hanging on. and i think the government needs to get out of their way. we need to really let them create jobs, put people back to work. they are the economic engine of this country. so i'm one who signed on to this letter. this is not the time to raise taxes. bill: is your democratic leadership listen to go people like you? >> i hope so. i do. because you know, this is not just me. i mean, i'm the voice of the people in my district. this is about what's good for the american people, this is about looking out for businessmen and women who are struggling to keep their doors open. they don't want to lay off any employees but we can't increase their burden right now. we've got to be able to make it possible for them to keep their doors open. bill: you say you hope so. what's your gut tell you? >> i'm going to keep pushing. >> bill: based on the
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answer, are you convinced? >> well, you know, i haven't gotten a response to the letter yet and i think we have to continue to push and really advocate for small business people throughout the country. this is not the time to raise taxes. bill: do you think you'll get a vote before congress breaks? >> yes, i'm optimistic that we will. i think that my colleagues understand this, you know, let's just vote on it, let's do what's right for the american people. bill: if that's the case, does it pass the way speaker pelosi want it is to pass? >> i think it will pass. bill: what will pass? the middle class tax cuts will pass or everything? >> i think we will mass something that will keep in place the current tax system. we cannot raise taxes. we do need to give tax breaks to the middle class. that is clear. bill: well, that would be a blow to nancy pelosi. that would be a huge blow to the white house. >> you know, it's about representing the american people. we need to be listen to go what folks are saying. and that's what i was doing
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in the past six weeks, traveling around my district, it was very, very clear to me that this is not the time to raise taxes. bill: 31 democrats so far in the house side, about half a dozen on the senate side, democrats agree with you. the other push that you're making right now, some senators we've heard from so far and perhaps there are more that have yet to gone public, you're pushing for a pay cut for all members of congress, you've been on this issue for a while now. you're a freshman member of congress. how is the reception for that idea? >> you know, it's beginning to get momentum. 75 percent of americans support a congressional pay cut right now. it's absolutely the right thing to do. and i came up with this idea last december last destoo last december when i was shoveling snow with my neighbors and they were talking about getting furloughed and laid off and i said congress needs to feel the pain of the american people, it's time for us to cut our own pay. so we're still pushing
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forward. i'm demanding to have a hearing. i want congress to vote on this. i really believe that it's the right thing for our country right now. and we need to lead by example. bill: doesn't sound to me like anybody is giving you an ear. what does that say to new. >> it tells me you've got to be a fighter right now, you know. washington isn't listening. and those of us who are listening to people have got to continue our fight on their behalf. bill: ann kirkpatrick is a democrat from arizona, she's one of 31 members of the house side who have signed a letter asking speaker pelosi to keep the tax cuts where they are. we'll see whether or not you guys win. appreciate your time today, thank you. >> thank you. bill: go to"america's newsroom", click on the bya box there, leave your question about this topic. shoot me an e-mail, hemmer,, follow me on twitter, at bill hem e. need one line, martha, because you asked, bya. love that. that takes a lot of gets! >> martha: that does take a
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lot of guts. see where it gets. but clearly she went home, saw what the business owners were saying and said this is us we're talking about when we're talking about wealthy people. bill: she's on national tv saying if it comes to a vote, speaker pelosi's idea fails and her idea wins. watch that. it will be interesting. martha: up to voters, and we'll hear what they're saying. we're going to continue to through november. speaking of that, some of the nation's top conservative thinkers, having a big powwow in washington, d.c. there's one of them. we're going to take you to the value voters sum i you'll see mike huckabee speaking now. coming up, christine o'donnell, mitt romney and a special surprise guest that we are going to tell you about, straight ahead. bill: stay tuned for that. a divided community, after a mosque project was approved in the state of tennessee. both sides of that issue and explain why it might be now, headed not just from this corn field, but rather, to a courtroom.
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bill: we've been keeping an eye on this story out of tennessee, a new debate over that mosque there, the debate heating up, opponents plan to go file a lawsuit claiming the county did not give locals enough notice before approving the mock, supporters urging county commissioners not to bow to pressure to rescind their approval for the construction. >> i'm confident that the work of the police, and we have no particular participation, the police has already said that the formation that they have is now collected, demonstrated there's no need to change it. bill: our apologies on that piece of sound there, it was the incorrect there. we'll key up the right one and get it to you. we can tell you this, emotions are
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running high in that part of tennessee. it's been debated back and forth for a while. at the moment the fbi is investigating a fire that was at the construction site trying to figure out whether or not that was arson or for whom it was intended. martha, 23 minutes past. martha: conservative activists meeting now at the fifth annual value voters summit in washington. this is jam pack list of speakers starting with former arkansas governor and fox news host mike huckabee, huckabee finished first in the 2008 iowa republican caucuses. steve cnn tani is live. it's an overarching theme today, what would you say it is? >> reporter: for this group, the main issue is family values, traditional values, moral values, social values. mike huckabee just said in his speech a while ago that a lot of people have said that the republicans, the conservatives, should not be talking about social values this year, but he says look at the economic meltdown,
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that, he says, was a moral failing. he called it unmitigated greed on the part of some on wall street. so it's a moral issue, we ought to be considering it. and he said look at the recent news on poverty, one in seven americans living in pot. -- in poverty. he said that's a result of the breakdown of family values, of the traditional family. he went after president obama and his economic polices, and you can listen to part of what he said on down. let's listen: >> this is one place that no matter what the economy is doing they never see a recession here, because they can also vote themselves another appropriation, and one of the reasons that there is such a disconnect, all kidding aside, is because they don't see the recessions of the typical economy that the rest of us today. >> reporter: the value voters summit is a three-day event, actually, two full days of speeches, then a prayer service on sunday morning, the fifth annual event here in washington, d.c. back to you. martha: it always gets a lot
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of attention, as you look forward to the presidential elections, who's on the roster today, who are we expect to go hear from? >> quite a lineup of people. presidential wannabees and people who want to be heard who are prominent on the political stage now. christine o'donnell was invited at the last military. as you know she of course pulled off that tea party upset over mike castle in delaware a few days ago, she was added to the list of speakers at the last minute, so she'll be speaking. we have mitt romney, who was a presidential candidate last year, he'll be here speaking. we don't know if he's going -- going to be a candidate or mike huckabee, just yet but certainly they're positioning themselves and letting their voices be heard. martha: steve centanni, thank you very much. while you watch "america's newsroom" this morning, check out the value voters summit live from washington, it is streaming live on the website, the address is on your screen, fox bill: we mentioned this story at the top of the hour. it's still breaking oversauce now. a potential threat to the
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pope on his second day in london. five men so far arrested. what police know now. we'll take you there in a live report. sarah palin's next stop is iowa, headlining the republican party's fund-raiser there. big question, is she getting ready for her own presidential run? our own experts will read between the lines, next.
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bill: want for get to this breaking news, fox news alert, police arresting five men in london after a possible threat to the pope. greg burke, traveling there, live in london now. the story is still fresh and it is breaking. what's the latest you're hearing there, greg? hello. >> reporter: hi bill. well, you know, police are not giving a lot of details. however, they are taking this very seriously. the five men were arrested, they're nonbritish nationals. the schedule the pope goes on is planned, however, we are hearing that antiterror detectives have been searching the pope was next stop, he'll be next meeting with the archbishop in canterbury. they say the hope has -- pope has been informed and there's no need for alarm. >> we are totally confident in the work of the police, of scotland yard, and we
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have no particular -- the police have already said the formation that they have until now collected demonstrated there is no need to change anything about the problem of the pope and the security. >> so no change in his schedule, and normally in hyde park, there will be thousands on hand to hear his address. you have to think about security ramped up there, if it hasn't been already, and a lot of controversy before this trip began. how is the rest of that going, greg? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, bill. i think it has to be going better than planned, because there was so much controversy, sort of fever pitch, you know. a lot of hostility in the press towards the pope. but actually this morning, he was warmly greeted, with school children and also people working in catholic education out there. there are been -- have been isolated protests and there will be bigger ones tomorrow
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probably at hyde park but for the most part he has been treated very warmly, very respectfully and certainly even better perhaps in glas tkpwhrou, yesterday. that was quite a warm res-pgs. there was trouble leading town it but it was certainly better than what it looked like when the trip started. bill: and no word on who the men are, what they were up to? we'll hear that in a bit. thanks, greg burke, live there with the pope. martha: big night tonight. sarah palin heads to iowa for that state's biggest republican party fund-raiser and the reagan -- her appearance signals her ambition to run in 2012. the writer of the weekly standard, a fox news contributor, rado talk show host and peter marijanian is former adviser to the gore
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leerman campaigns. this is always a big deal, it always signals you're interested in potentially running for the presidency. mary katharine, you first, what do you make of her chances and how serious do you think she is about it? >> i think it's hard to tell with palin how serious she is about it. it would be a gimme. for anyone else but i have to say she's gone into every office in an orthodox way, she's never ascribed to the path of becoming the governor so i think she takes turns you don't expect. that being said the pack and people she's hiring and way she's making endorsements and doing a good job of it, her record is 25 and 11 now, certainly signals she has a lot of power, raises a lot of money and has a lot of enthusiasm. whether that translates to a general election victory, that remains to be seen. martha:martha: i think it's interesting to look through a couple of these things and peter, when it comes to you, i want to play a sound bite of her with bill o'reilly this week. listen to this: >> i think you're forgetting
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that tea party americans, the grassroots movement is all about and independent mind-set. it's not hard core right wing wackos like the liberal media wants you to believe. these are people, reagan democrats, people not registered in any party. martha: you know, peter, some say that iowa is a very tricky state. you need to appeal to iowans directly in a retail politics way that this issue has not done so far. in that sound bite t. sounds to me like she's reaching out to folks like them. >> i have a slightly different take, i think this is about pettating the palin brand, palin, inc., as people called t as far as aspirations for '12, i think this certainly keeps it alive and i don't think she would rule it out and make an announcement. why would she. but i don't believe at the end of the day that she is really serious about running. i think that she likes being the power broker, she likes being the one out there sort of agitating and trying to shake the direction of the republican party, and may or
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may not be interested in rubbing -- running at the to. i don't think this is about her run, really. martha: let's look at how she's done. really what she's put a lot of her energy into is endorsements around the country during this midterm election. she's had 43 endorsements, 25 have been wins, and it's also interesting to note that of those, 24 have tea party ties, and 19 have establishment ties, including carly for ina, and john mccain and others. we're going to put up some of those pictures. how do you think she's sort of appeal to go the independent voter, the person in the middle right now? >> i thank she has tremendous appeal to the independent voter but if that is where the electorate is, more and more americans really are taking a -- are really asking questions of both parties. opt times the party has led the people and the tea party movement is from the right and the left, but i think it's very important to look at what sarah palin symbolizes. this is a wife, this is a mother, she has a special
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needs child, and i hope that she takes this opportunity and she has a lot of light right now, to look at the in 17 americans who are in poverty now, the one in five children who are in poverty. she has a tremendous opportunity and i think she's making a lot of it. martha: mary catherine, how do you think she'll do with iowa vote stphers. >> a lot of iowans are independents, so she is a poll rising figure and can be a polarizing figure and is trying to adjust her message but the good news is for somebody like saia palin, independents -- being independent does not necessarily mean moderate and certainly doesn't mean being mod at rye now. the independents are moving to the right and another interesting thought, she was on fox today and said something interesting, she pointed out she does have work to do in this area, she was talking about whether she would go to delaware and said i can ab double edged sword for folks in different states so i don't want to hurt people, so that recognition to me seems like maybe she could take a turn. martha: charles kra*ut
9:38 am
hammer said she must go to delaware and support this candidate, stepping out the way she d we'll see what happens. thank you all of you for being here today. >> thank you. bill: here's a story for you martha. the new republican nominee for new york governor calls it a big stink, quite literally. carl paladino is his campaign, his campaign, sending out 180,000 mailers that smelled like trash. i don't know what trash smells like. i guess it could have a variety of options. he says something stinks in the town of albany, and that has seven involved in scandals. he is running against attorney general mario cuomo. here are the current and former democratic governors of the state of new york. their reaction. >> it was a plane in one of these e-mails crashing in africa and said run. these are the kinds of
9:39 am
things we don't need in politics. i never heard an apology, accountability. stkpwao it may be good therapy for him to then, but it is not useful politics, it is not useful. bill: that guy has a tv show somewhere, doesn't he? palladino dismissed the criticism. the governors are included on the mailing. that is going to be a most interesting race. martha: racy e-mails. bill: maybe we'll get a piece of it. martha: cents what's that smell in my mail? bill: new york city on the streets in august, which ain't pleasing. martha: no it's not. this is true. let's take a look at the markets which just opened this friday morning. it could be up for a good end to the week, up 50 points. earnings reports from the tech sector pushed it up in the after hours trading environment. oracle came in with a whopping 48 percent increase in sales. so that's a nice number for
9:40 am
oracle. smartphone developer research in motion, blackberries around here, turning in better than expected numbers. here's what it looks like now, up 47 points on the dow jones industrial average on this friday morning as bill checks his. bill: did you say blackberry? it comes out of my hip joint. the rising number of americans who have no insurance adding fuel to the fire over the debate in health care. dr. siegl -- dr. sieg sell in the house and has a solution in minutes. par march more bloodshed along the u.s. border with mexico, miles from american soil, the deadly drug lord'st wl latest victim.
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martha: opryland hotel is a shining example of the city's resilience following that devastating flooding we reported last may. the resort found itself under 8 feet of water at the height of that disaster, four-months and $175 million
9:44 am
later, we're going to give you a sneak peek at the renovation necessary full swing. take a look, a crew of 800 construction workers a day at first took on what seemed impossible. >> if you would have looked at the -- on may third the amount of water here it would almost be hard to imagine we could get this hotel open. >> this has brought our company together, has brought our stars together in a great sense of community and we know when we reopen the hotel it's going to really knock the socks off of our guests. martha: the grand opening is set for november 15th. bill: means a lot to those folks down there. we are on this report of health care, throwing fuel on the fire of the health care law. there's a surge in the number of uninsured americans. there's a report from the census bureau showing the number of americans without coverage has risen for about 51 million. that's up about 4 million from 47 million.
9:45 am
my next guest has a solution. dr. marc siegl with the fox news medical a team is here in the studio. welcome. first, why? why are you getting an increase of 4 million americans without coverage? >> three main reasons, unemployment rate close to 10 percent, second reason, noncitizens that are uninsured, zoning in on 10 million. third season -- third reason, employers are now dropping more and more people are health insurance. that's a trend that's going to continue. only 55 percent of people are getting health insurance from their employer now. that's going to get worse as obamacare kicks in. bill: let's get to that in a moment here. others argue if health care had finish place in 2009 this would not have happened. true? >> no, because there's the illegal alien problem, the problem with people losing their jobs. what do we mean when we say health care kicking in, everybody on medicaid? that huge entitlement program is going to bankrupt the states. when they say 16 million more people are going to end up on medicaid, that's an
9:46 am
underestimate when you consider all the people losing their jobs that are going to have to go on medicaid. bill: if that's the case that's a much heavier burden. >> oh, i think that -- >> bill: from what we were led to believe it puts the price tag where? >> i thank karl rove is being conservative when he says $800 billion. i think we're talking well over a trillion dollars here because of what we're talking about. this year alone is the first time on record since we've been keeping records the uninsured rate is going up. that's a huge headline. over 50 million people. bill: doc, you see patients every day. where do the uninsured americans go, then? if they had insurance yesterday, don't have it today, where do they get care? >> that's why i think this was wrong headed. they go to the emergency room, the same place that people with insurance go who can't get doctors like me. so study after study has shown if you have medicaid and can't get to see dr. siegl because he's full you go to the e.r., medicaid patients outweigh the number of uninsured in the e.r.s, 2-1. bill: the system is stressed, we know that.
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but you have a solution. >> my -- >> bill: what is it? >> my medical crystal ball says obama tk-lgs care is going off the tracks, because all of this insurance is too -- my solution -- >> bill: what way? the system is broken down or will be changed? >> tie too -- way too expensive, the kind of insurance that's too easy to use. the solution would be to have catastrophic insurance for all, insurance that people have to first pay out of pocket, in other words, health savings accounts should be expanded, tax breaks for going to the doctor's office, you won't go therum you're really sick, if you have to pay for it. instead, obamacare goes in the opposite direction, cuts down on copays, cuts down on deductibles. i want something in the opposite direction. by 2011, they won't even cover over the counter medication. bill: i didn't know that. but that takes your solution back to the issue if you're an employee and the employer drops you as coverage,ure saying your solution would give you insurance, potentially. backup. >> yeah, and by the way, one last important point, we've got to take care of the
9:48 am
doctor shortage, because this insurance issue, everything is insurance, that's a political mumbo jumbo. we don't have the doctors to take care of this expanding number of people. bill: we've had this debate for a year, right? >> we were right and it's coming out now. bill: on behalf of the doctors, that was an issue that many felt was overlooked. we are going to continue this conversation in about 30 minutes. in our next hour, we'll talk to a congressman, push to go repeal the new health care law, republican steve king out of iowa, gathering signatures to make that happen, he says. he will join us at 10:15 eastern time, about 23 minutes from now. so the solution is there. we will see if we can get there. thank you, doctor. marc siegl from the a team. >> thanks bill. martha: coming up, for more than five years, natalee holloway's family has been seeking answers. now her mother has taken a very dramatic step in getting those answers. sneaking into a prison, where joran van der sloot sits accused of another murder.
9:49 am
bill: also the republican candidate who just has everyone talking, delaware senator hopeful christine o'donnell debating chris coons for the first time last night under the big bright lights in delaware. how did they do? you'll hear it. >> i think before we can do things like advocate patient-centered health care reform we must repeal this health care bill. uncle sam has no business in the examination room, coming between you and your doctor.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
martha: a shocking new revelation about what was thought to be a horrific crime. a washington state woman who said that a stranger walked up to her and threw acid in her face is now admit thank she made this whole thing
9:53 am
up. dan springer is in our seattle bureau. dan, this is such a bizarre story. what is she saying? >> reporter: well, bizarre, and just unbelievable that somebody would do this to themselves, and police really don't know exactly what the motive was. they did allude to the fact that the woman did mention something about motive in the news conference yesterday, when they interviewed her as they were going through her house with a search warrant yesterday morning, but as far as an exact motive, they're not releasing one. we should have one in the coming days. but look at this woman after the attack. she went through a horrific surgery, they were peeling her face back. we do know that police said things were not adding up, the pattern of the damage to her face wasn't consistent with somebody throwing acid on her face, she was wearing sunday glasses, she never wears sunday glasses, it was 7:00 at night and police never found a motive, and they did finally have suspicions, when they went to her house, they finally got her to cop to the fact
9:54 am
that she in fact damaged herself. here's what the police said yesterday. >> she is extremely upset, she's very remorseful in many ways. this is something that just got bigger than what she expected. so she has shown that this has affected her a great deal. >> reporter: so the question is was this a financial motive? well, here's what we do know. we know that she came out right after the attack, she held news conferences, we know that people started to hold fund-raisers for her, we know that some people donated funds to her and those funds are being held in a bank and police are trying to determine exactly who gave what and give that money back to them, but was this some sick, twisted plot to get money from people out of sympathy? that will come out hopefully later on today. martha: we got to go but quickly, if you can, will she be charged with any crime? >> filing a false police report will be the obvious one, police spent 100 hours on this case, interviewed lots of people.
9:55 am
remember she said it was a block watch with a pony tail, so they made lots of contact with people. police are probably -- well, they'll turn it over to the prosecutor and my guess is they will file a charge of filing a false police report. sar arioo martha: it's a sad stoerbg it's a crazy story. we're going to talk about the legal side of this coming up in a little while. dan, thank you very much. later today, jon scott and jenna are going to talk to one of the reporters who said he really had his suspicions about this attack esrerl on and started looking into this. that's coming up on "happening now" at 11:00 a.m. bill: keith ablow could probably figure that out. martha: she was a pretty woman. hard to imagine having the capability to do that to your own face. it's a very sad story. bill: all right. it is not just the actors out of hollywood and out -- out of work, rather, in hollywood. l.a.'s unemployment rate is more than 12 percent. so you think maybe its share of $111 million in stimulus
9:56 am
money might create a job or two, huh? think again. martha: it's a big night for sarah palin, folks. she is heading to the iowa fundraising event named in the honor of president reagan, it's a big deal, this dinner, and she's the speaker tonight. so is there something more to this? bill: go to, take our online survey, do you think the new health care law will make things for your tay better or worse? what -- for your family better or worse? what say you? we're back in two minutes here. appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in.
9:57 am
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martha: sarah palin possibly mapping out her political future in the hawkeye state. alaska's former governor and now a fox news contributor arriving in iowa, for a prestigious honor and will headline the g.o.p.'s largest fund-raising events in des moines, typically the first
10:00 am
stop for a lot of former presidential candidates. on that route. and that is how we start a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," 10:00 on the east coast, i'm martha maccallum. good to have you with us. bill: nice to see you, martha, on a friday, i'm bill hemmer, good morning, everybody, home to the major hurdle on the road to the oval office, iowa and the caucus out there, considered a key target for every white house hopeful. and today new questions about sarah palin's vision of 2012. martha: that's right, carl cameron is live in des moines, iowa, for the big event, carl, she has been cautious about discussing a presidential 2012 run. you have spoken with her recently, what do you know? >> reporter: welt, you said it, she's a fox news contributor, the former governor of alaska, most importantly, she was the 2008 vice presidential nominee on john mccain's ticket. and, whenever sarah palin, best-selling book author, probably the best known face of the tea party in the country, whenever sarah palin, that sarah palin, sets foot in iowa, home of the first caucus, she is a
10:01 am
potential candidate for the presidency of 2012, until she gives us a shermanesque statement to the contrary and this is the "des moines register" and it says she gives no clues, and in the article, it is front page before she gets here. that is the measure of how significant this is, in republican politics. and, the "washington post" has a fronts page article, about how people, they are calculating what to do in 2012 and sarah palin will give the speech tonight and it's a huge deal and she's kicked the door open perhaps far they're than ever before and suggesting to me on the phone, perhaps the day before yesterday, is pulling a ross perot situation, saying the tea party and the folks, if they want her, she might give it a shot. a very big deal, martha. martha: indeed, carl and it is getting interesting and there were things said about the fact that she has not spent a lot of time in iowa. it is a tricky electoral state
10:02 am
as we know, politics extremely important and how she connects with the people will be key tonight. >> reporter: it is and it is a very very, high hurdle. the press and politicos in iowa are talking about the various different things she has to do to be competitive and it is arguably late to be getting into the race for some of these folks, we have a graphic of just what is the early roster right now, it's not just sarah palin, the last four months, newt gingrich, also a fox news contributor, the former speaker of the house has been to iowa every month and over the course of last year, mike huckabee who won the iowa caucuses, here, also a fox news contributor also made visits and tim pawlenty, out going governor of minnesota has been here and hired people and began to make commitments and sarah palin's presence here tonight is important in terms of the organizational process, the iowa caucuses are the first big test, and, people here are picky, they are fickle, they are demanding, and listen to the chairman of the republican party, about what is expected of
10:03 am
sarah palin. >> well, here in the midwest, we are polite but we can be pointed and blunt and people will have to answer tough questions, and that is part of what makes the iowa caucuses the iowa caucuses, you cannot win them by running tv ads or having the largest bank account, you have to look the public voters in their eyes and be willing in town hall settings to answer unscripted questions. >> reporter: she came on her book tour last year and there was a huge crowd that showed up, a brief visit and this is a brief visit, too, not the kind of stuff caucus-goers expect to be candidates and have to spend more time here, and the republican establishment caucus vote, conservative, both socially, about a third of evangelicals christian and there is a tea party movement in iowa, obviously, and it will be very important as well. insiders say if there was a republican who could co-opt the coalition best it looks like sarah palin. we'll find out a bit more as the day unfolds exactly how close she'll get to saying she will seriously run. martha: everybody will want to know that, carl cameron, in des
10:04 am
moines, iowa, a tricky one, and, it was unkind to hillary clinton and kind to barack obama on the democratic side, a place you have to really have pull if you want to get anywhere on that. bill: and, he did all right. martha: that's right. bill: in the meantime, more politics, a million dollars and only two days, and that is how much money christine o'donnell banked since defeating veteran congressman mike castle for delaware's republican senate nomination. last night, she along with others including her challenger, democrat chris coons, had the first debate under the big, bright lights, first, o'donnell. >> it is no secret that there has been a rather unflattering portrait of me painted these days and as we go... approach the general election, over this next month-and-a-half, it is my goal for you to get to know who i am. and why i am running in this races. and, why i am asking you for your vote on november 2nd. i'm running because i'm concerned about the direction of our country. leaders on both sides of the aisle in washington no longer
10:05 am
view our founding principles of limited government, low taxation, our constitutional principles on which the country was founded, as indispensable. i believe what is coming from washington, more of the same, is unsustainable, as many of you do. our country is going broke. it doesn't take an expert to figure out that we cannot continue to spend or way, to recovery, nor tax our way to prosperity. so, while you may not agree with me, on all of the issues, what i want to do, is bring a common sense approach, a constitutional approach, to washington, d.c., to get our country back on track. >>... worked in d.c. 12 years and have been in politics 20 years and have enough experience to know how washington works and enough real life experience to know how it should work. bill: from last night's debate against her opponents, democrat chris coons, on stage as well and he's confident he can pull away without looking back:
10:06 am
>>... the loss of the core american values and independence and self-reliance is the greatest threat to our freedom going forward, we are relienlts on foreign countries to lend us money and sustain our unsustainable federal debt and provide us with energy in the form of oil, something that continues to puts us at risk as hmong american men and women are sent overseas and frankly a loss of values in terms of how we conducted the all important war on terror. we need a strong defense. and, as john carney said and i agree, we need to be smart in how we conduct the defense and we need to do it in a way that continues to allow the rest of the world to believe that we not just say, but fight for human rights, civil liberties and the principles on which the country was founded. we have the world's greatest fighting force. we simply need to back it up, with the world's greatest principles, and how we conduct ourselves around the world. bill: all right, 7 weeks ago. we'll find out who wins between them, huh? program note, christine o'donnell, is chris wallace's
10:07 am
guest on fox news sunday. check your local listings and don't miss that. o'donnell and wallace on sunday. martha: will be good. listen to this: a new report finds the federal stimulus money is actually making pretty big business in washington. the "wall street journal" looked into this and tracked $210 billion in stimulus grants and contracts in the second quarter of 2010 and turnses out more than $3.7 billion went to recipients in the district of columbia and two nearby congressional districts and that amounts to $2,000, nearly, for every single resident in those areas. and it is nearly three times the national average of where the stimulus money went and the white house says the report does not reflect the impact of the entire $800 billion stimulus package, which apparently looks much better and evenly spread out. bill: booming, huh, real estate market is not bad, either, is it? in d.c. wants to get to new york now, a exclusive, world leaders about to arrive for a
10:08 am
big meeting the u.n. general assembly that's u.n. complex is undergoing a massive billion dollar renovation and there are concerns the world body is not adequately addressing security vulnerabilities there. david lee miller is on the story, live at the u.n., easts side of manhattan, where are the concerns coming from, david lee and who is worried about the u.n. security? >> reporter: well, these concerns, bill are coming from no less than the city of new york. from both the police commissioner and the mayor. they have expressed concerns that the u.n. has secured vulnerabilities that are not being properly addressed. the city in an e-mail said and i quote the u.n. has not adopted the city's recommendations for the headquarters, and the spokesman went on to say that the city is not satisfied to date with the u.n. response. and recently, i toured the perimeter of the u.n. headquarters in new york with the former head of the criminal intel unit for the n.y.p.d., and, he gave us this risk assessment. >> i think, you know, obviously,
10:09 am
the greatest concern is going to be some type of vehicle bomb or truck bomb that would be brought over to the u.n. >> reporter: what are we talking about? let's look at a graphic, specifically, among the main concerns, on the south side of the building, there is a highway exit ramp, that runs only yards from the united nations compound, additionally, there is a highway that travels right under the united nations, and, the highway in fact, is seen as so vulnerable it actually shut down with high profile world leaders visiting the united nations and, quickly, bill, let me add when we point out the vulnerabilities, we are only saying things that are widely publicly discussed and all you have to do is walk around the building and you can clearly see how vulnerable it is to a possible attack. bill. bill: a good thing to note there, david lee and what is the u.n. saying about all of this in your reporting? >> reporter: the united nations head of security says that security concerns are being addressed. he says some of the city's
10:10 am
frustration might be with the fact that progress here happens very slowly. but, the point was made that the united nations is an international organization. what does that mean? it means it cannot be compelled to follow the city's demands. >> what we eventually end up with in terms of a security profile around the united nations campus here is the responsibilities of the united nations. city of new york may have a different opinion than the state of new york, than the state department, than the fbi and than a lot of other people, ultimately, we have to come up with what we think is the right approach. >> reporter: complicating things, bill, you know, the building behind me was built in 1952. a much easier -- much easier to tear it down and put up a new structure and that is not an option and it is an iconic building and everyone agrees the existing structure has to be improved and changed and made
10:11 am
safe and even the experts say, you cannot make it 100% safe against the terror attacks but the city and the u.n. have to work more closely together, to improve the situation, right now. bill? bill: david lee, good to know, he's on the story, the u.n. also for more on this, the latest and the background, at they broke the story, our colleagues here, they are on it for you. u.n. general assembly starts in days. it will be a busy week next week. martha: to be sure, there is a brand new petition in congress you need know about, calling for full repeal of the health care overhaul and got a potentially game-changing signature. on that petition. and, how about this: joran van der sloot is accused of murdering natalee holloway and he's charged now in peru with killing another woman and, you will not believe what beth twitty just did. bill: and, sharron angle taking on harry reid, a race to
10:12 am
watch... and both are releasing a new barrage of attack ads, one directed at the other. how do americans feel about the flying mud, and is there an ad that is more effective than the other? who better to answer that than frank luntz and his audience survey. coming up this hour. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
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martha: some might way sun democrat down on this one and 46 to go, in the battle to repeal the overhaul of health care. congressman gene taylor from mississippi is this first democrat who has signed the new petitions, that is going through congress. if it gets to 218 signatures, it would force an up-or-down vote in the house, on fully overturning the insurance overhaul. this is a big deal, folks. iowa republican steve king started the petition, and he joins me now, congressman, good to have you with us, welcome. >> thanks for having me on, i appreciate it, martha. martha: talk to me about -- this petition is the new bill, and if
10:16 am
you get -- you need 218 signatures, on the petition, in order to bring the bill forward in the house and that would force an up-or-down vote on repealing health care, right? >> it is, discharge petition is the only tool that we have to move a bill to the floor and force a vote to be able to circumvent the iron grip nancy pelosi has on all the reviews and proceedings in the house. so, anything we might push through subcommittee, committee or try and get to the floor cannot get there if she says no. except the discharge petition, and that requires that the bill be introduced as a discharge petition, and, members need to go down to the clerk of the house, and request to be able to sign onto the discharge petition, physically sign the document. so we are at 173 signatures now, and we need 218, for a majority as you said, and when that happens, the bill comes to the floor and there will be at that point an up-or-down vote which could repeal obamacare. gene taylor's signature is this first democrat on the discharge
10:17 am
petition says we have now bipartisan support to repeal obamacare and there will be much pressure on many democrats, now that the 34 that voted no, there are 33 out there, that are hearing from their constituents today, martha. martha: you know, we have heard the democrats are not necessarily running on health care reform. to get reelected. they are not talking about it a whole lot. but, how -- you have a real uphill battle here, to get 31 to 33 of these folks to also sign a petition. what is the likelihood and what do you think you can reasonably get out of those people? >> well, as i said, this is very very, difficult and has two different components to it, one is, i want to repeal obamacare and i think we owe it to the american people to do 100% stand alone repeal and the second part of this is that every democrat voted for nancy pelosi to start the 111th congress and many of them in their campaigns implied they may not vote for her as speaker. well, every, single one did vote for nancy pelosi and she left some of them off on the votes to
10:18 am
go back home and posture themselves as independent representatives of their constituents and the truth. martha: the most important vote is the one for the speaker of the house and that enables the san francisco president obama agenda. and so this is the dividing line. the discharge petition separates the women from the girls and the men from the boys, if you really meant your no vote on obamacare, sign the discharge petition and if the speaker let you off so you can tell your constituents, you are independent, lieke jaso altmire, he shouldn't be saying he's willing to challenge obama and pelosi -- >> you have a point there and you have 178 democrats in the house right now who have not signed the petition yet on the republican side. >> okay, there are 178 republicans, and, at this point, we have 172 that have signed the discharge petition. and, the other 6 that are out there, they are getting a little more encouragement as time moves on, and, if... i look forward to getting a couple more signatures of republicans, that sends the
10:19 am
message, though, we are all the most unanimous among republicans. and i should take the logic along, too, there is a huge election that is looming here, on the 2nd of november, and, the other side of this, if we are able to pass a repeal of obamacare in the congress it has to pass the senate and go to the president where he's likely to veto it and will be a resounding message, however. martha: the majority could -- >> next year we have to cut off the funding to implement obamacare. martha: i'm sorry, i have to go. >> the president is likely to shut the government down, and republicans must stand strong, martha. martha: congressman thank you very much, good to have you with us. bill: i think he said thank you. martha: i think so. bill: thank you, martha. new developments, the judge makes a major decision in the hearing of the fort hood shooting suspect, nadal hasan, how it will have a major impact on the trial, up coming. martha: and listen to this: the head of british intelligence saying the u.k. is under a serious terror threat.
10:20 am
these are previous pictures from a former attack and could likely see an attack like the glascow airport bombing like you are seeing pictures here in 2007. we'll tell you about that.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
martha: to l.a. now, a rescue situation is going, the driver is trapped in the cab on the 10 freeway in ontario, california. and, they are trying to extricate the driver from the overturned tractor-trailer, it carries 32,000 pounds of frozen food and is causing a huge disturbance on that area of the 10 freeway and of course, the utmost concern is to get the driver out, safely. and that is where they are putting their energies, right now and we'll keep a close eye on the situation, we had a wide shot of it before and you can get the bigger picture and now you can see, these rescue
10:24 am
workers, really being very careful. to try and figure out... bill: we hope he's okay. martha: yes. bill: 7:23 in the morning out there. rush hour.... serious concerns already as the u.k. warns of a new wave of terror threats, the british intelligence chief raising red flags saying a new generation of radical extremist are likely to strike. greg palkot is live with more on this. who does the u.k. say poses a significant threat today, greg? >> reporter: bill, they are specific and it is interesting, in fact what they are saying is basically what we have been hearing in recent months, from washington officials and what we have been reporting on the ground about and that is the new danger, it comes from the head of the mi-5, the u.k. equivalent of the fbi, his name is jonathan evans and he doesn't speak publicly often but last night gave a speech and said the main terror threat to the u.k. and, by extension, the west,
10:25 am
including the u.s. remains al qaeda but the nexus shifted from the pakistan-afghanistan area and moved over to advocate and, specifically somalia where the al-shabab group is very active, and they are fighting there, a civil war, plus, committing terror acts in the region, and, evans says a significant number of u.k. residents have been training and fighting with al-shabab in the past year or so, and the number that our sister network, sky news gives is 100 and he says, a quote: it is a matter of time until we see terror on u.k. streets linked to the group, again, the u.s. officials have been seeing a bill exactly the same thing, and, somali -- seeing, bill the same thing and americans going to fight an die with sale sal-s and the blow back, is they could come and terrorize the united states. bill: thank you, greg, coming out of london, thank you, greg.
10:26 am
martha: one of the nation's hottest senate races is hotter, sharron angle taking on harry reid in nevada and frank luntz taking america's poll on mud-slinging going on. in the old silver state and he'll be with us next. bill: watch the meter, huh? hi. martha: hello, bill. bill: this is how i... go to commercial, but it's not a commercial. how many jobs you think $100 million will create in america today? wait until you hear how far it did not stretch in a major american city. martha: really didn't, did it? didn't go very far? ♪ ♪ working on the coal mine ♪ working downtown ♪ working in a coal mine ♪ working in a coal mine... it's a symbol of confidence... ♪ ...honor... ♪ ...and trust...
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martha: let's go to ontario, california, we are watching, now you can see the wide shot of this. this is quite a scene in the morning commute, where a semi truck is overturned and they are trying to get the driver out, of the utmost concern and trace gallagher is watching it from california, what do you know? >> reporter: well, this is a mess, mar thatha, the intersect of the two major freeways in southern california and focusing in, they are close to getting the driver out of there and put up an iv bag and the stretcher and the jaws of life are out trying to pull the driver out and the bigger picture, for folks in southern california is i-10, which, if you don't know the area, runs from the beaches
10:31 am
in santa monica out to palm springs and the connector with i-15, which runs north to las vegas and san bernardino and south of san diego and both freeways are shut down, because of this. and here's the thing: this truck carrying 32,000 pounds of frozen pie. it will be a mess out there. the only freeway that is now open in southern california, that runs east and west is the 60 freeway, one freeway, in all of southern california, so if you were having big, big zoom-out picture, you would see every freeway in southern california log jammed. this is the way everybody will be late to work, martha and the focus now for the first responders you see there is to get the guy out and we believe that he is okay. they are hooking up an iv to him and trying to get the board in to him and we are hearing he
10:32 am
could be okay. and they cannot get him out, but, boy, across southern california the big picture is two of the major freeways, now, shut down, and they will be shut down for some time to come, on friday morning, rush hour. martha: oh, that was a horrific accident, early this morning, the poor guy, on his way to do his first run of the morning, most likely, trace, thank you very much. we hope they get him out safely and he's okay, and that some of those folks on the highways in california might want to turn around and go home! doesn't look like they'll get anywhere today. bill: let's go back to politics now, where we are starting to get a focus on how washington spending is affecting the leader of the senate, harry reid, republican candidate sharron angle in nevada taking aim at the democratic leader reid in her campaign ads that are airing now and we wanted to know what the candidates think about this and, more than that we want to know what you think about this and help us break it down is frank luntz the president of word doctors and author of the book "what americans really
10:33 am
want... really", frank, good morning to you. and, you went out there and got folks together and gave them the meter and you rolled some videotapes and they could take in the information. and what do you get? >> we have three of them for you today. these are the most interesting ads. the reid campaign decided that the best focus on sharron angle is to tie her to social security and to suggest that she wants to eliminate it, to basically scare seniors and, it is an effective ad against her, now, the red lynn represents republicans, and the -- line represents republicans and green line democrats and the higher the lines climb the more powerful the impact of the ad. let's listen to what harry reid has to say about sharron angle and social security. >> you have seen the ads. >> i'd like to save social security... >> are you kidding? >> i printed out these pages in june and they are from sharron angle's web site, it appears vastly different than it was before the june 4th primary and
10:34 am
she said we need to... >> the sharron angle we saw on the primary who came on my program and side want to phase out social security. >> sharron angle, views so extreme she cannot tell you the truth. >> i'm harry reid and i approve the message. >> that ad is powerful and uses not reid himself making the claims against sharron angle, but, respected journalists and sources in nevada. and she's come out strongly against it and denies what reid is accusing her of and the reason why that does so good is because, it's not a politician making the conclusions, it is supposedly, independent journalists making those conclusions and is having an impact on the race, on the other hand, a ad from sharron angle attack harry reid over wasteful washington spending the number one weakness for the democratic party nationwide and the ad is also effective. let's look: >> with spending already out of control, harry reid spearheaded the stimulus spending bill.
10:35 am
the stimulus sent nearly $2 million to california to collect ants in africa. $25 million for new chair lifts and snow making in vermont and almost $300,000 to texas to study weather. on venus and meanwhile, back in nevada we still have the highest unemployment, and record foreclosures. really, harry, how about help for nevada? ... is responsible for the content of the advertising. >> you see, both of these are effective, bill, because they are dealing with the issues that the nevada population, and auld of america, wants to deal with, they are both negatives and the public finds them to be informative and credible and that is why this is a neck and neck race and the latest polling, the two are tied, statistically, and, nobody knows what will happen between now and november, and here there are the two cases where the advertising works. bill: wow, it is remarkable to see on that last spot how republicans and democrats reacted. they both shot up, now, you
10:36 am
promised us three spots and what is the third one. >> another one that also is this kind of in your face direct approach, it doesn't do quite as well as these two. but, is what the voters are seeing and let's show fox news viewers. let's take a look: >> okay. bill... what you see now is about 75% of the ads are negative, and, as you get closer to election day that is going to increase, but there is a message here for the people who are watching. you have to look at independent certification. is there a source for the attack that is made. second, you have to see if it is delivered from the candidates themselves, and the ad for the -- ads that are most effective are when the politicians themselves are speaking and, third, is it serious or try and make light of something. we're not in a joking, fun mood now and we want to know the facts and exactly what you will do and don't play around with us. bill: frank, thank you, interesting stuff. >> pleasure. bill: get more, come on back,
10:37 am
okay? >> you got it. bill: any time, when you talk to americans we want to know. >> bill, by the way, if fox news viewers want to participate in this, all they have to do is go to, no spaces. and, they can sign up and they, too, can grab the dial and participate in -- >> doctors, plural, we'll check it out. thanks, frank. martha: you, too can grab the dial, a new poll into america"as newsroom" that shows trouble for incumbent senator in wisconsin look at what is going on in wisconsin from rasmussen and puts republican ron johnson who won the primary this week ahead of democrat russ feingold, who has been there are very long time on capitol hill, he won the primary three days ago and got 85% of the vote in the primary and feingold was elected to the senate in 1992. and russ feingold, the democrat calls himself the under dog, if you can believe that in the
10:38 am
re-election race, and, his opponent, ron johnson out spent him by more than a million dollars. he's a businessman, entering politics, and, want to put one of those up there, as we get polls in, it is interesting to see how things are going on in around the country and everybody is clicking on and finding out how the polls are shaping up, interesting race, one to watch, we'll keep you posted. all right, how about about this calculation for you? $111 million in, and 55 jobs out. not the kind of report card you want to tack up on your refrigerator at home, folks. these are the findings from a recent audit of the federal stimulus spending package and what part of that went to los angeles, an influx of government money that failed to reduce the city's 12% unemployment rate. and, produced 55 jobs. william lajeunesse is live on this for us in los angeles. what is going on, william? with this stimulus package? and what it is producing in l.a.? >> reporter: martha, remember
10:39 am
how the stimulus was sold? the $800 billion was going to create jobs, stall the recession and help save the economy. and that was 18 months ago, well, now comes the results. city of los angeles, the city controller did a 40-page audit of stimulus money, and, found out it is not being spent swiftly, wisely or creating the jobs as promised, for instance, the l.a. department of public works spent $70 million in stimulus money, and it claimed to create 238 jobs, in fact the money created just 7 private sector jobs, zero public jobs, and 7 existing workers from layoffs. now, this was -- let's go back to the full screen, if you want. that was the department of transportation, that was 40 million stimulus money and only created or saved 9 jobs, taxpayer cost, 4.4 million per job, and the department of public works, that cost 1.5
10:40 am
million per job. here's the controller, wendy greuel, she was disappointed. >> maybe a b-minus in creating the jobs. they've started to spend those dollars but it took 7 months to get some of the contracts out. >> reporter: consider this, this is one city, martha, imagine if every state and state, recipient of stimulus money scrutinized the money with the hard metrics, the job creation numbers will not hold up. martha: and worth pointing out again, the person who came up with the numbers, the guest, is a control -- the controller for los angeles and sitting there, crunching the numbers and trying to figure out what they took in and actually got out of it. fascinating and a sad story, really, william lajeunesse, thank you very much for that. i think... bill: $40 million, nine jobs. martha: unbelievable. unbelievable. bill: $70 million, 7 jobs. martha: and, the whole battle about extending the bush tax cuts, it would cost $700 billion
10:41 am
is really a battle over what is the best way to spend that kind of money and whether or not that investment of $700 billion in those tax cuts would actually create jobs, and better than the first $700 billion did, and what we are seeing in california. bill: and, that is just l.a. martha: exactly. bill: joran van der sloot is accused of killing natalee holloway and is now sitting in a jail cell in chile accused of murdering another young woman and natalie's mother, beth twitty, never getting closure after losing her young daughter. wait until you hear what she just did. martha: unbelievable story and, thomas edison revolutionized the world with that invention, but, now, it could be going the way of the dinosaur. the law that could make it impossible for you to buy the kind of light bulbs that you like, and, there are all kinds of ramifications for the bulb issue and we'll dig into them here on "america's newsroom." we'll be right back. guar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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>> i'm jon scott, along with jenna lee, coming up on happening now, clues about the presidential ambitions of sarah palin and big-name republicans including mitt romney, and newly nominated senate candidate christine o'donnell are in d.c. today to speak. we'll tell you what they are saying. >> a dramatic update of the case of the girl who said she was attacked with acid and now we know she did it to herself. why did she do that, plus the biggest waves you have ever seen, why some are trying to serve them, and, how to freeze your fat off! no, really... how to freeze your fat off, we'll tell you, coming up in a few minutes! martha: desperate for answers the mother of missing alabama teen natalee holloway reportedly snuck into a peruvian jail,
10:46 am
castro castro prison and confronted who she believes ises the killer, joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in her disappearance and also the accused suspect in the murder of this young stephany flores, from peru. now, beth holloway twitty's lawyer claims she entered the jail with a dutch tv news crew and spoke directly to him before authorities escorted them out and can she legally have contact with him? let's talk about that, a criminal defense attorney and fox news legal analyst and joey jackson, joins us, and it is friday, artie and joey. how are you guys doing. >> good. good. good. martha: on so many levels, it is kind of hard to understand what it must be like, for beth holloway and to never have had any satisfaction from the young man, and, now, you know, there was money ex-changed and some of the money is believed to be the holloways that led to him, joran van der sloot going down there to peru and, ostensibly committing the murder. what do you thing of her sneaking in there to see him?
10:47 am
>> look, i could never minimize the parents' desperation of losing a child and if it was me i'd be in a fetal position under my bed and not able to move. i can understand how reaching out to try to get answers, try to get answers, but, this guy, doesn't have any answers and if i found out if she went there to spit en his face i wouldn't have a problem, you know what you did to my daughter and you will not fess up to it but you did it to someone else and now you're caught and will go to jail forever, rot in hell, you sob... martha: this is like a knife being twisted to find out your money may have paid for a trip for this guy, to go there and then, you know, of all horrific things, to possibly commit another murder. of the stephany flores woman. what do you think about it. >> you know, i give her a lot of credit, i really do to have the bravery and fortitude to look the face of evil in the i, i think she is searching for closure, it is horrific,
10:48 am
obviously -- fortunately it is not an experience i ever hope tone doer, but it has to be a horrific tragedy to lose a child and i think she's searching for answers, searching for closure, and, i think she's not going to rest in peace until she gets it. i give her a lot of credit... i'm hopeful she does, he tells one story after another and he's not credit in the. martha: he says what he thinks will satisfy the person he is talking to and... apparently they have about five minutes -- had five minutes together in there before being escorted out and she could him about it and he said he refused to answer any questions about the his lawyer presents which i'm sure both lawyers would say is the right thing to do but not a lot of satisfaction for beth holloway. >> and the publicity he always has surrounding hire and i don't know if she brings it on herself or tries -- >> part of a dutch tv special and went in there with a journalist, you can bet you will see it. >> if that's the only way to have access, it is understandable and if she said, how about we do this, that leads
10:49 am
me in another direction about her bravery and whether she has got en to the point where she's used to the media spotlight and is addicted to it and can't give it up, that would be the negative side of the story. martha: that would be and is a whole other question, thanks, you guys, good having you with us today and we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation and hopefully someday she'll get satisfaction out of this, all any of us as parents would hope for beth holloway, joey jackson, thank you very much, and, good having you guys here, and have a great weekend. bill: thank you, guys. a photograph running overseas of -- catching people's attention, can you tell what is wrong with it? and, tough times call for creative measures when tying the knot and some folks are saving a few dollars. >> come on, bill ♪ ♪ come on and marry me, bill ♪ i've got the wedding bell blues...♪
10:50 am
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bill: breaking news out of colorado, near pikes peak, a mile below the summit, near colorado springs, colorado, at least two people are injured and police are responding there, so, too, are the emergency crews, apparently a civilian helicopter, this is below the summit of pikes peak which everybody growing up studied in geography knows is one of the tallest peaks in the u.s., lower 48 especially, and, happened around 7:30 a.m. and that was one hour ago, at least one of the victims critically injured, so we're looking for more information on that, 14,110 feet for the summit at pikes peak near colorado springs, more in a moment on "america's newsroom." martha: and, money is tight and
10:54 am
you need to tie the knot. you can do it at the home depot. in fact more and more couples are coming up with creative ways to celebrate, calling them retail weddings and anita vogel is live in los angeles. anita, now that i'm married i don't have to think about this. what is a retail wedding. >> reporter: hey, you have to love the story. i'll tell you what, a new trend that apparently is catching fire. instead of getting married in a church or a banquet hall, how about getting married in your favorite retail spot? a lot of couples are doing it. combining the love for each other with love for a brand, consider this couple that got married in a t.j. maxx, right in front of the shoe department. the couple says they spent a lot of time shopping in the store and the groom said it fulfilled his bride's every need. >> i wants her to take her time, today is her day and i want her to enjoy it and if she stops and looks at shoes i'll be waiting for her when she's done. >> reporter: and with that attitude, towards shoe shopping that man is certain to have a happy marriage, happy wife, equals happy life. martha: she seems like a very
10:55 am
nice guy. we like that guy! talk to me about the cost. it is cheaper, right. >> well, of course. the popular wedding web site, says the average cost of a wedding is $18,000. and, if you cut out the cost of the location of the ceremony you certainly are saving thousands of dollars, and, other wedding experts say there are plenty of pluses, to doing something a little different. >> a lot of benefits for couples is to have a truly unique, one of a kind wedding and get married, in a place that has significance to them and can save a lot of money, either they get to host their wedding there for free or get a special bonus from the companies themselves. >> and other popular wedding retail spots include walmart, taco bell, mcdonald's, home depot, and, most of these places are happy to play host, without charging anything. martha, back to you. martha: i always like going to target. i could spend some time in target and go in for one thing and come out with 50. anita, thank you very much.
10:56 am
anita vogel. bill: get the wedding registry right out of the way. right here in the store. martha: picking stuff off the aisles, exactly. bill: live at the pentagon, watching an honorable ceremony, for prisoners of war missing in action, the p.o.w./m.i.a. and robert gates will speak in a matter of moments, we wanted to drop in, what we are seeing, live, now, across the potomac in our nation's capitol. be unsett. but what if therwere a different sry? of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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martha: all right, here's a mini crusade for you, forget pulling out all the stops to save the incandescent light bulb, the bulb act, trying to repeal the energy act pass '07, which, get this s. designed to totally phase out the regular old light bulb you all like and love in your house by 2012. opponents t

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